The way the meat is cut determines many things. Not only does it affect the appearance of the product, but it also alters the texture. You can rely on different tools to cut the meat. It can be a hand saw or a butcher’s knife or any other tool. However, the best choice, especially if you are running a food processing industry, is an industrial band saw machine. There are very few options that can be as effective as meat cutting band saws. If you are about to buy one or have just purchased one, here are some tips on how to best operate it.


Speed control

Every time you make a cut, you need to control the speed of the cutting tool. This is essential to avoid creating unwanted shapes, as well as for your own safety. Just like a carpenter, you have to be extremely careful and precise. Vertical cutting saws work on a simple principle where the blade rotates with the support of a band. The saw is designed to cut through the meat, but forcing it can cause the band to slip out of position. Remember to control the speed of the saw.


Use of backup stops

The back stop of the band saw machine is a permanent fixture on which the meat can be aligned while being cut. You can rely on this guide to move the meat while operating the saw. It will create a more uniform cut. Experienced users avoid relying on the stops because they are experts in handling the tool, but should be careful. When using the buffer, you can cut the meat to the desired thickness. For example, if you are trying to trim a piece of meat, you can pass it along the barrier and give it the width it needs. Barriers also increase the level of safety.


Sharp Saw

If you want precision in your cuts, you need a sharp saw. It’s one of the most important things to consider when using vertical cut saws. At Braher we have spare parts for all our bandsaws in case it is time to replace any of the parts. Whatever material you want to cut, a dull saw will not produce the perfect cut. You will experience difficulty cutting the meat and also end up creating frayed edges. Once you use the band saw to cut meat for a while, you will understand and accurately predict when the blade needs to be replaced.


To conclude

Any food industry veteran will tell you that a band saw is the best tool to produce precise cuts of meat with little effort. On the other hand, you need to train in the use of the device before you can make the best cuts. Using the back gauge during the first months and regularly monitoring the blade’s sharpness are important points. Speed is also a factor you cannot ignore if you want to avoid accidents and errors in cutting.


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