The Medoc STL 350 M band saw with bearing table and left hand stands as an exceptionally designed tool for the meat and fish industry. Equipped with innovative features, this band saw not only offers precision and efficiency in every cut, but also prioritises safety and hygiene. From its robust, all stainless steel construction to its advanced safety technology and ease of cleaning, the Medoc STL 350 M saw embodies excellence in meat and fish processing. Here are some of the outstanding features that make it an unbeatable choice in the industrial environment.



With slice thickness plate: The bandsaw is equipped with a thickness stop, offering the versatility to accommodate different cuts and thicknesses of meat and fish. This feature provides precision and control in the cutting process, ensuring consistent results.


With product pusher: The inclusion of a pusher on the band saw simplifies and streamlines the handling of raw material. This essential component ensures operator safety while facilitating controlled product feed during cutting, improving process efficiency.


Full stainless steel: The all stainless steel construction not only makes the bandsaw durable, but also corrosion resistant, ensuring optimum performance even in the demanding environments of the meat and fish industry.


Door Sensor: The integration of a door sensor increases operational safety. This device ensures that the bandsaw stops automatically when the door is open, preventing possible accidents and protecting personnel.

Detachables  Scrapers: Removable scrapers facilitate cleaning and maintenance of the bandsaw. This feature allows easy access to critical areas, ensuring that debris does not affect hygiene or compromise machine performance.

Water cleanable: The water washdown capability simplifies cleaning after each use. This feature not only contributes to maintaining high hygiene standards, but also facilitates compliance with sanitary regulations in the food industry.

Maximum Safety: The band saw is designed with advanced safety features to protect the operator and ensure a safe working environment.

Easy to Clean: Ease of cleaning is a priority, and the bandsaw has been designed with this in mind. Smooth surfaces, durable materials and removable components ensure quick and efficient cleaning, reducing downtime between uses.

Blade tensioner: The built-in band tensioner ensures precise and constant adjustment of the saw band. This feature not only improves the service life of the band, but also contributes to maintaining the quality and accuracy of cuts over time, optimising the overall performance of the band saw.



More information about this model of band saw:

Medoc STL 350 M band saw with bearing table


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